Researchers discover fossils of giant bird-like dinosaur!


News just released on Yahoo! is that Chinese researchers have discovered the bones of an 85 million year old dinosaur that they say would have weighed about 1.4 tonnes (that’s metric tons) with bird-like features including feathers, a beak and no teeth. Xu Xing of the Chinese Academy of Science’s reported that the bird-like dinosaurs found so far have been very small, so this appears to be an extraordinary exception. Imagine a bird 3 or more times taller than a man. It would have been flightless, but with long powerful legs for running and sharp talons for tearing flesh. Xu reported that its small head and long neck are considered to be herbivorous features, but I’d still keep my distance…

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I always wonder what the “Intelligent Design” folks are thinking when discoveries such as this hit the news.

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