Jim Manzi and Conservative Fraud

Recently, Prodos reviewed a plan by Jim Manzi, the CEO of an applied-artificial-intelligence software company, to combat the Global Warming movement of the Left not by exposing its pseudoscience and anti-man ideology for what it is, but by embracing its claims and beating the Liberals at their own game. In March, Manzi wrote in National Review:

The available evidence indicates that it is probable (though not strictly scientifically proven) that human activities have increased global temperatures to date and will likely continue to do so. But in spite of all the table-pounding, nobody can reliably quantify the size of these future impacts, or even bound them sufficiently to guide action. The total impact of global temperatures over the next century could plausibly range from negligible to severe. Long-term climate prediction is in its infancy, and improved forecast reliability is crucial to enable useful guidance for policymakers. Better science could give us what is most need in this debate: more light and less heat.

In June, he restated that predictions “range from negligible to severe”, and yet made the astounding claim that,

It is no longer possible, scientifically or politically, to deny that human activities have very likely increased global temperatures

In other words, Manzi changed his “gameplan”. Now he proposes to “manage” this movement, rather than fight it; to wrestle control of the movement away from the Left by accepting its claims and competing to be the ones to implement them. Science is no longer the answer to fighting this movement that lusts for power over our market, according to his latest article. The answer is to harness that power-lust to benefit the Conservatives.

Prodos referred to Jim Manzi, justifiably, as a pansy, a coward, a shyster, a conman. This is not a defender of Capitalism, but a sellout and a fraud. Apparently this drew the attention of its target, and Manzi posted a comment to the blog entry, protesting that Prodos had falsely claimed a contradiction in his writing. Just today Prodos dealt a devastating and humiliating attack on Manzi’s argument. He wrote,

The whole point of my post was to highlight and condemn Jim Manzi’s progression from challenging some of the dubious science of global warming scaremongers to now start proposing political solutions.

Political solutions which I find unwarranted, cowardly, and destructive. And based on an undemocratic premise.

Read the whole post here.

This example illustrates perfectly my disillusionment and contempt for the Republican Party. They are to be the defenders of the free market, of American values and Individualism? They are the opponents of the socialists and would-be communists of the Left? The Right doesn’t know what it stands for; it knows it should be standing for something but it doesn’t know what. That uncertainty has opened the party to the influence of charlatans and fakes, who would claim to stand for one thing while destroying its very meaning. These are men like Congressman and Presidential candidate Ron Paul, who say they believe in Liberty but would sacrifice the liberty of our citizens to benefit savages and terrorists. These are men like Jim Manzi, who propose we fight irrationalism by becoming its advocates. Until Republicans learn what it is they’ve promised to defend, they will be victims of ideas such as these. Blinded by partisan conflict, they will compete for America’s destruction, rather than its protection.

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