Lieberman leads the charge, however weak.

To follow-up on a previous post, Sen Joe Lieberman is continuing to outdo his Republican comrades by taking a stand against Islamic Totalitarianism in all its forms, and not merely Al Qaeda. The Senate approved his amendment proposing to confront Iran on its attacks on American soldiers in Iraq.

This is the beginning of a longer conversation that I hope we will have here in Washington about Iran and the deadly and destabilizing role it is playing in Iraq, the Middle East, and the world,” said Senator Lieberman. “The threat posed by Iran to our soldiers, to our allies, and to our national security is a truth that cannot be wished or waved away. Congress today began the process of confronting it.

Read the news release here.

The question I pose to Democrats and Republicans alike is this: We know what ideology and what people threaten our nation’s security. The time of denial anddiplomacy has passed. After decades of half-measures and compromise, our enemy has not been disuaded, and their resolve to kill us is as strong as ever. Now what are you going to do about it?

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