President Putin, we don’t really care what you think

As I covered last month, Vladamir Putin of Russia has expressed his concerns about Bush’s plan to install a missile defense system in Europe to protect against possible attacks from Iran, accusing Bush of resuming the Cold War.

However according to a press release from the Missile Defense Advocacy AllianceBush isn’t the only one in this country who doesn’t give a hoot what Russia thinks about our right to self-defense:

The United States Senate passed an amendment yesterday 90-5 declaring the threat from Iran both in ballistic missiles and nuclear proliferation and put forward a policy to develop and deploy missile defense as soon as technically feasible to defend NATO, our deployed forces and the United States from Iran.

As grim as the war is, and as grim as the political climate is for launching a real military offensive to secure a victory against Islamists, it is comforting to know that there are some lows we have not reached.

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